Obama Terrorizes Children With Bees


During this year’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll, while President Obama distracted unsuspecting children with a reading of “Where The Wild Things Are”, the children began screaming as they were swarmed by thousands upon thousands of deadly bees. We can assume, since it’s Obama, that these bees were genetically modified to deliver a government tracking device with their sting and no doubt trained to hone in on the screams of children. There is also no doubt that every single one of those tax-paying American children were deathly allergic to bee stings and are responsible gun owners. 

The bees were reported to have been part of a hive kept by the White House as a source of honey for the kitchen, so it’s safe to assume that every single bee is an undocumented worker and has taken full advantage of our welfare, social security, food stamp, and healthcare programs. Additionally, it is safe to assume that the bees (whose middle names were most likely all “Hussein”.) were Africanized, since their birth certificates were not produced upon request.

The President cackled gleefully as the children ran in terror, proving once again that he supports terrorism. He also attempted to placate the children with his usual brand of lies, assuring them that “bees don’t sting!”, no doubt a ruse to get the children to stand still long enough to get stung. In an added cruelty, the bees would have died had his nefarious plan come to fruition, since bees do not survive their stings. Despite this, he undoubtedly would have attended the bees’ funerals.
I’d like to see the mainstream media put an innocuous spin on this fiasco.

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