‘Yo Momma’ Sues For Slander, Defamation Of Character

District Court Judge Sandra Singh has seen her fair share of absurdity in the courtroom but she likens this week to a circus.

“It’s just been a parade of defendants,” she says. “There seems to be no end to the people being held responsible for this woman’s suffering.”
It all began innocently enough. Derek Dante Park liked giving his friends a hard time. “I’d tell ’em, you know, ‘Yo Momma so fat…’ We all did it. Wasn’t a big deal.”
But Yo Momma, the woman who had suffered the brunt of every joke made at her expense, finds it a big deal. “It’s been tough for me,” she tells the Monthly Spew. “People call me fat, lazy, ugly… Even skanky. I’ve lost friends. I’ve been divorced twice. I can’t even find work right now because people start to believe the lies.”
Enter Attorney Larry Bridges. “I saw what Yo was going through and I knew I could make a ton of money!” Larry told us over the phone. “For my client, I mean.”
So far, Ms. Momma has sued over 6 million different individuals from all different walks of life. “We’re not leaving any stones unturned,” Bridges adds. “We want to make sure every responsible party pays. Through the nose, preferably.”
Judge Singh’s patience has worn thin, however, and wants to see an end to the suit so she can see other litigants. “We’re to a point where they are bringing in third graders,” she reports. “It sets a bad precedent.”
But Her Honor is not without compassion. “I do believe this woman is due restitution,” she says. “But enough is enough.”
Now if you’ll excuse me, I am needed in court.

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