Harrison Ford Missing, Presumed Injured

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Filming on the set of Harrison Ford’s new movie has been halted as the actor has not been on set for a week.  The new film is shrouded in mystery, with no title or plot details and very few cast announcements being released so far.

Harrison’s PR firm had this to say.  ‘No one has seen Harrison for almost a week.  But we’re not worried, this happens quite often.  He’s probably lying on catwalk in a vacant set somewhere, with a broken ankle, surviving on rats and feral cats until someone finds him.  Or he decided to fly to South America to get a guinea pig for lunch.  He’s acquired a taste for those after all the rats he’s had while injured.’

Harrison, famous actor and pilot, has sustained many injuries over the years, on set and in his aviation.  Temple of Doom, Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls  and The Force Awakens have all sent Harrison to the doctor, as well as multiple plane crashes, with head, back, ankle and leg injuries.

‘Whenever he’s not around we just assume he’s injured somewhere.  He’ll turn up.’

More updates as they are available.

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