Obama Announces Plan To Put HEPA Filters On Wind Turbines

As part of his Earth Day tour of Florida, President Obama announced a plan to begin a testing phase of installing HEPA filters on wind turbines in and around major metropolitan areas as a measure against increased pollen and pollutant levels caused by global climate change. The proposed budget is set at $2.6 billion, but that number could grow should the program prove successful or require a bailout. 

Of course, this plan is not without its detractors. Senator John Coryny (R-TX) called the plan, “a huge waste of taxpayer money,” and a “scheme on the same level as Teapot Dome.”
Other Republican leaders called it a “Ponzy scheme” and described it as “bad science”, but still, some weren’t as passionately dismissive.
“I’m just against it because it’s Obama,” said Rep. David Young (R-IA). “Actually, I think it’s a pretty good idea. I’m just waiting until ol’ Teddy [Cruz] is president. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let some Donkey be the hero.”
The plan is clearly not expected to make it through the Republican-controlled Congress.

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