FOX Announces New Seth MacFarland Animated Sitcom ‘Good Dog’

FOX has announced Good Dog, another MacFarlane spinoff show, based around the life of a dog that walked through the background in an episode of The Cleveland Show.

“After the success we’ve found with Family Guy, American Dad & The Cleveland Show we’ve decided people will watch just about anything,” FOX executives told us. “We’ll just throw in some fart and poop jokes and a talking cat or Bigfoot or something.”

Good Dog has already been ordered for 6 seasons. Seth will be voicing every single character with the 3 or 4 voices he can do.

“The writing staff is currently hard at work writing on the first episodes,” Seth explained. “Well, actually, they are watching old episodes of The Simpsons & The Flintstones. I’m sure they’ll get some ideas soon.” He assured us this time they were actually writers and not hobos they paid in toilet wine. “It just takes too long to brew the stuff,” he said.

Good Dog will premier this Fall on FOX.

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