Dr. Oz Announces National Stand-Up Comedy Tour

America’s favorite “doctor” is back, headlining his own comedy tour, kicking off this summer! Fans can expect favorites like “Green Coffee Miracle Diet” and “I’m a Scientist!”, along with some new material. “Laughter is the best medicine,” laughs the Doctor. “I just want to make people forget about their problems for like an hour and a half and drive off with all their money!”

After becoming a sensation appearing regularly on Oprah, Dr. Oz landing a spot on his own eponymous sitcom, playing a preening, self-important heart surgeon trying to make it in the entertainment industry. “I really have to give it up to the writers,” says Oz of his hit show. “The ridiculous things they can come up with to make my character say and do– it’s awesome! They’re the legs of the series; I’m just a pretty face!”
Now he’s taking his act on the road, giving audiences a more personal taste of his character’s narcissistic take on medicine and show business. “Some people don’t get it, I understand that,” Oz admits, “but that’s comedy. I just gotta go out there and make people laugh. If it upsets some people– I’m sorry, that’s just how it goes. I’ve been doing this long enough to know you can’t please everyone.”
You can expect to see Dr. Oz coming to a comedy club near you starting May 23rd in select cities. Tickets are available through his website.

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