Things to Know About ‘Things You Didn’t Know’ Lists

Image via Deviant Art

  1. You DO already know these things.

As a fan, you already know this stuff.  A lot of it is already general knowledge to its fan base or something you learned watching DVD extras, chatting with fellow fans or reading up on the subject.

  1. There’s nothing new.

Remember that thing from decades ago that you loved so much?  Of course you do, it was such a big thing for you.  And guess what?  No new knowledge has been acquired on said thing in the decades since it happened.  The list is just playing to your nostalgia.

  1. You can find this stuff out on your own (if you haven’t already)

All of the shinfo in these nostalgia-regurgitating click bait lists can easily be found online.  Wikipedia or fan pages will have all the same, probably even better info.

  1. It’s purely for ad revenue.

Hey!  You liked this 80s movie, remember!  Click on this and we’ll take a trip down memory lane together!  But first, please watch this Accura ad…

  1. It’s a waste of time

You already know it, so don’t waste your time.  You could be looking at similar lists all day and not gain a single thing, you’ll just be losing time.  With that said, thanks for reading The Spew!

  1. Just keep scrolling…

You can ignite the same fond memories of said intellectual property without clicking.  The picture and headline in your newsfeed is enough.  You can keep scrolling.  But don’t scroll past the Spew, we have… brownies!  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Brownies.  You like those right?

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