The Monthly Spew Goes International!

15 years after the Monthly Spew’s initial conception, we are proud to announce that for the first time, our publication has reached beyond the shores of the United States to reach its first-ever international audience! We would love to thank our readers in Italy, Peru, Canada, United Kingdom, Myanmar, Spain, and all around the world for making this come true! To celebrate the occasion, we thought it’d be nice for us to talk about something that can unite us all: Soccer!

Yes, soccer! That exciting and not at all confusing sport that is loved the world over! What better way to make our new audience feel welcome than by speaking a language we all understand!

Well, soccer began when people outside the U.S. became confused by American football. “It doesn’t make any sense,” they said. “Why is it called football when they are allowed to catch it and carry it with their hands?”

Frustrated by the nomenclature, the rest of the world collaborated to create a new game that made more sense. With the new, “feet-only” rule in place, they found the oblong ball was less than ideal for just kicking, and that the pads and helmets were too heavy to run in. The ball was changed to a sphere and the heavy uniforms were shed, but the goalposts still required refinement. They were lowered to the field to make them more accessible and given a net to prevent the ball from rolling away. Thus, Soccer was born!


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