Rantings: You Were Not a Responsible Child

There was never a classroom disruption before 2010

As someone promoting an online humor/entertainment empire (We reached Georgia- the country that Bush let Russia invade back in the day- the other day!) I spend too much time on Facebook.  Quite often these days I’m looking at the stats on how our posts are doing or how fast we are acquiring new followers (and thank you all for helping with that!) but I do have my own personal feed as well.  Recently that feed seems to have filled up with stock posts extolling the virtues of “old school” parenting.  These all contain pretty much the same stuff about how kids behaved “Back in the day”.  They are all, also, bullshit.

Bullshit in an awful font

Above is one of these common memes.  This supposedly reflects how my generation was raised and how we behaved as children because it was posted by someone my own age.  This is kind of the danger of these things on Facebook too:  Some of the people reading them will know who you are and how you actually behaved back then; at least in part.

Now maybe I’m just speaking for myself (I’m not) but this does not at all sound like me at any point during my formative years.  Homework was not the first thing I did when coming home.  Homework was something that I did in class.  Not in the class that the homework was assigned in, but in whatever class I had next.  I also didn’t have separate “school” and “non-school” clothes that I would change into when I got home.  Whatever I went to school in was the same set of clothes that I was going to be playing in.  Or watching Dragonball Z in.  Or going to my cousin’s house to play Nintendo in.  Did anyone actually leave the room when adults were talking?  Is that a thing?  Why would they do that?  Sometimes, rarely probably, adults said interesting things.  Cooking.  I fought my parents about the food all the time.  Often I would just go to someone else’s house for dinner.  Or I would just cook myself.  Did I do things right away without being told two or three times or saying I’d do it at some indeterminate later time?  Hahahahahaha.  No.

Maybe I’m some kind of aberrant rapscallion who managed to get through my childhood as the sole kid who wasn’t a paragon of filial respect.  Or maybe every generation thinks that the one coming just after it is the worst generation of all time and decides that society has gone totally to hell.  Or, third option, maybe I wasn’t raised this way and wound up a derelict in a gutter?  I’ll check around, but I’m pretty sure that I turned out alright.  Own a home and a car, engaged to a woman I love, have this nice collection of Funko Pop Vinyl! toys and a basement decorated in comic books.

Your generation was not the last good generation.  You were not a respectful child for the 18 or so years your parents had control of you (I understand this is a wild generation of family-life).  You were probably a brat.  You probably drank or smoked in high school and talked back to your parents.  Your children (for those that have them) will undoubtedly do the same.  Teenagers have unformed brains that are being ravaged by hormones.  They are, and always have been, shit-heads and idiots.  The world is no more going to hell in a hand-basket due to a new generation of idiots than it ever was before.  Factually, the world is worse off right now because of what the adults are doing, not what the kids are doing.
Finally, to whoever wrote this up trying to prove just how awesome their generation was and how it led to them growing up as shining paragons of American virtue:  your grammar is just awful.  “Should of” is an improper abomination of the English language (yes, even of American English).


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