The Weekly Purge

Busy week?  We feel you.  Not really.  Whatever that was that just raised the hairs on your neck was definitely not us.  We are not in your house watching you.  But, in the metaphorical sense, we understand that people are sometimes busy and so we wanted to help you out.  So we bring you the Weekly Purge; TMS articles that you may have missed while you were living your busy lives.  Also, you’re out of Funyons; can you get some more Funyons?

1) We Explore the Exciting World of Soccer Despite Not Caring About Soccer… Which is Boring.

2) You’ll Never Feel Embarassed by Your Lack of Music Knowledge Again Once You Read This!

3) Basic Girls, Amiright?  Learn Exciting Things About Pumpkins!

4) In Case You Haven’t Been Watching Enough Walking Dead, World War Z, Zombieland, or 28 Days Later, here’s an article about zombies!

5) This is Our First Guest-Written Piece and It’s Filled With Words!!


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