Cthulhu’s Corner: From the Depths, It Rises

As you no doubt have already heard, I have been named Editor-in-chief of The Monthly Spew. To be perfectly frank, I’m not at all surprised that I’d be picked even above the mortals who have been tenured in this endeavor, given my influence and my artistic vision, but I was clear when I accepted: I do not intend to make this permanent. When I took the position as contributor, it was because I was already writing a blog and I really just wanted to help a friend get exposure by attaching my name. This is not my career; this is not my calling. I am doing this just to pad my résumé while I wait for Dreams of R’lyeh to congeal.

So in the meantime, rest assured that I fully intend to bring what only I can offer to The Monthly Spew and that is an unparalleled level of quality and creativity. You can expect to see an exponential increase in both the quality and volume of content on this site you’ve come to appreciate.


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