Why the Internet is Like Springfield, USA

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The internet is the world’s favorite place.  And it is a lot like the world’s favorite American town; Springfield, USA, as made famous by the long running comedy show, The Simpsons.  Here’s how.

6.  Every kind of person is represented there.

Every kind of person you can think of can be found online, much like in Springfield.  In addition to mobsters, slack-jawed yokels, churchy-Joes, celebrities (from A to D list) and every kind of foreigner you can think of;

There’s plenty of bullies…

It’s chock-full of nerds,

Even old people get caught in the mix.


 5.  Its full of temptations.

From burlesque shows and strippers to infidelity and beyond, both Springfield and the internet know that the little thing that continually pushes humanity forward is also big business.

4.  Gambling.  Lots of gambling. 

Speaking of big business, the internet boasts everything from online poker to fantasy football betting.  And Springfield has had enough casinos to choke a donkey throughout the show’s history.

3.  Everyone thinks it’s theirs.

Springfield is the most common town name in the United States.  And for 20+ years it was a running gag on The Simpsons that no one knew exactly what state Springfield was in.  They would even drop misleading hints into the show to perpetuate this.  So just about everyone in every state was rooting that Springfield was THEIR Springfield because no one knew exactly where it was.  The internet is the same, everyone thinks it’s theirs.

2.  It’s here to stay.

If or when they ever STOP making The Simpsons, its already too late.  Springfield is known far and wide and until some cataclysmic event re-starts history or destroys us all, Springfield is part of cultural history now.  And much like the internet, now that we have it, there’s no going back to life without it.


And the number one reason the internet is like Springfield, USA…









1.  Mob mentality/ ready to over-react.

Whether it be bears digging in trashcans or Hollywood stars besmirching the honor of a fictional character, both Springfield and the internet are ready to pick up torch and pitchfork.

What do YOU think?  Are there any other reasons the internet is like Springfield?  Sounds off in the comment section below.

When not writing for The Spew, Josh runs his travelog at joshxhenderson.com


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