Episode II: Send in the Clones!

  2000 was a tumultuous year. Y2K had disabled our global computer network, society had broken down Mad Max/Thunderdome style, and boy bands roamed the earth in search of hair products. In the wake of this harrowing event, the staff of the then-fledgling Month Spew had the foresight to do what was necessary to survive: we had clones made of ourselves. The purpose was twofold:

1) Y2K killed off half the earth’s population, and residual radiation left 60% of the remaining population sterile, making cloning necessary for the propagation of the human race; and,
2) Should the Monthly Spew not survive, they would one day revive it.
Fortunately, neither scenario played out. So to write off the expense of having a clone (they eat a LOT), we, the remaining staff of the Monthly Spew, are retiring and our clones will continue on in our stead.
To be perfectly honest, in order to maintain the high caliber of excellence in journalism we have striven so hard to achieve and balance this enterprise with the rigors of our busy personal lives, it has become altogether necessary that this passing of the baton occur. Also, it becomes a tax write-off as a business expense, so really, it’s win-win-win.

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