Why This Abandoned Texas Wal•Mart Is Filled With Bees, As Far As You Know!

 MIDLAND, TX– According to a new study conducted by the EPA, American honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate, but what they could not conclude is why. While they are quick to blame pesticides and their opponents are trying to blame mites, recent developments bring the bigger picture into focus.

No doubt you have heard about the sudden and mysterious Wal•Mart closures that are happening in conjunction with a number of “military exercises” being conducted around the country, and no doubt you have heard about the outlandish conspiracy theories that the government is preparing to invade Texas. That is, of course, complete bunk.
The logic follows this trajectory: The Walmarts are closed so they must all be connected by a series of underground tunnels that are being used to move troops to invade their own country. But if you are paying even the slightest amount of attention, you would be able to see that Jade Helm 15 is clearly another Obama bee initiative. When all the pieces come together so perfectly, you see it can be nothing else. What the EPA’s study could not factor was the number of bees being shepherded into obama’s secret bee army. And now, with everything that is happening in Texas, it becomes that much clearer. Obama has been shepherding the nation’s bees into the Wal•Mart tunnels to release them on July 15 and flood the nation with his specially-trained, genetically-modified Killer bees, causing nation-wide panic and more dash-related sentences.  Anyone caught swatting a bee will be executed on sight.
This comes in just the latest of a growing number of Obama’s bee attacks on American soil that the mainstream media is either too ignorant to recognize or too corrupt to report. As always, TMS is working hard to bring you this story as it develops and can reference other articles here, here, and here.

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