Local Woman Lives Nearby, Authorities Say 

The search for a local woman ended right where it began this past weekend, as local police departments found that a local woman was living in the area.

“She wasn’t missing, she doesn’t have any outstanding warrants, she isn’t suspected of anything,” the local chief of police informed members of the press, “we just found her.”
“We had a lot of leads,” the Chief continued to explain, “but we had to really do some old-fashioned detecting to crack this one.”
As it turned out, all their hard police work paid off, as they traced her whereabouts to the immediate area. The woman was found, safe at home, tending to her children, down the street, in the town where you live.
“That’s what happens in a lot of these cases,” explained the Chief. “It’s always the person next door or down the street. It’s your friend, your neighbor. They live closer to you than you think.”

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