Netflix Offers Revolutionary New Service

It’s a fact: television is now on the Internet. And with more and more companies crowding the field in attempt to gain customers, industry leaders are trying to come up with new ways to stay ahead of the pack. 
“We wanted to look at what our customers weren’t already getting from us and what they can’t get from any of our competitors,” said Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. “And I think what we came up with is really exciting.”

Starting in September, Netflix will, for a nominal fee, call in sick for you so you can binge-watch your favorite shows. Customers simply select the day(s) they want to spend binge-watching and a Netflix associate will call their employer with an official-sounding and possibly life-threatening excuse for you to miss work.

“We noticed most of our customers are binge-watching Daredevil and House of Cards,” Hastings explained. “We are trying to create an environment conducive to our customers’ demands because then we get money.”


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