Cthulhu’s Corner: The Coffeehouse of Despair

Cthulhu's CornerI hate to say it but… I might have to change coffee houses. It’s not easy for me to say since I’ve been coming here for a long time and have worked really hard to make sure I get exactly what I want every time I order (lest anyone think I’m acting entitled, remember that this is just good business on Starbucks’ part).  Plus, I have found the environment here to be extremely conducive to completing Dreams of R’lyeh, but I’m not sure if this particular situation can be reconciled.

Back story: last week my ex-best friend, Nyarlathotep came through town on his DJ tour and hooked up with Arissa, my regular barista. Which is fine. She’s just my barista and they’re consenting adults (although it was within mine own chamber and upon my Altar of Sleeping). This is a problem because she has asked me every day for the past week “When do you think Nyarlo (that’s what he has girls call him. I know; pathetic) will be back?”  It is annoying enough that I almost long for the days immediately after their hook-up when she was ensconced in an upstate mental asylum.
I have taken upon myself the burden of accommodating all kinds of ridiculous forms of human interactions, including small talk (which has proven to be one of the most exhausting), but this is downright loathsome. I give her a curt “I don’t know” and pay for my coffee, but she doesn’t seem to comprehend either how bothersome it is to me that she incessantly inquire about a party I am no longer in contact with, or; second option, what a total and complete douchebag ‘Nyarlo’ is.

As I said before, they are adults and are entitled to make whichever decisions they so desire, but I have known Nyarlathotep for aeons, and he’s not at all right for a girl like Arissa. She needs a guy who is smart and sophisticated, not crass and conceited like Nyarlo. Someone who cares about the environment and stuff, like she does. I mean let’s face it; Nyarlathotep will be on tour 9 months out of the year. Arissa needs stability, someone who’s going to be around when she needs him.

Anyway, this has made my morning ritual extremely uncomfortable and my writing has nearly stalled completely. I’m only writing this as a way of processing so that I can get back to writing Dreams of R’lyeh, which can’t be delayed any longer if I want to get that advance I’ve been counting on. If she asks again tomorrow I’ll either have to switch coffee houses or purge all memories of Nyarlathotep from her mind, as I have been trying to do on myself.


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