Denver Comic Con Hosts Jurassic Park Panels, Without Any Dinosaurs!

Back in May there was a ‘story’ about DCC hosting a panel about women in comics, without any women in it!  Come to find out this was not DCC’s only crime over the 2015 Memorial Day weekend. They also hosted two, count em, TWO, Jurassic Park panels without any dinosaurs!

Comic Conventions are usually a place of acceptance and camaraderie, and Denver Comic Con even boasts a ‘diversity mission’ on their website that reads as such.

Denver Comic Con promotes education and community, educating children and the general public through pop culture, comics and bringing together the diverse people and interests of our community regardless of age, race, gender or background. By focusing on education and providing guests, programming and events that encourage diversity, we strive to promote tolerance and empower the members of our community.

DCC is committed to maintaining a diverse community of exhibitors drawn from the general community, and a significant percentage of our exhibitors will be drawn from these applicants. So even if you are new to DCC, you are invited to apply for the upcoming event.’

So how could they have such an egregious oversight as to NOT include dinosaurs on not one, but TWO Jurassic Park panels?  A DCC spokeman had this to say.

‘Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years.  There is no possible way we could have included any in the panels, despite many complaints from cry-babies.  Also, we can’t say for certain, but most experts agree that dinosaurs were not able to speak words.  And if they did, it was not that English language, as it had not been invented yet.’

DCC displayed dinosaur replicas, but no REAL dinosaurs because, apparently, they have all been dead for a really long time.

But what about all the people upset that a group of people came together to try to put together some interesting panels on a topic they were passionate about, but did not fit into the mold of what those certain upset people thought they should be?

‘Those upset people need to find a hobby, or perhaps real problems, instead of shitting all over the cool stuff other people do.  Maybe in the future we just won’t have any Jurassic Park panels, panels in general or a Comic Convention at all, since people just want to pick it apart.’

Or maybe next time you could just invite some dinosaurs, ya jerk-ass.



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