Same-Sex Divorce Rates Projected To Skyrocket

Everyone is talking about gay marriage. From social media to the news media, from the blogosphere to the daily paper, people are rainbowing the profile pics and celebrating the landmark decision but there is one thing they are not talking about:  Gay divorce.

With marriage equality now protected in all 50 states, same-sex couples are going out in droves to get their marriage liscences and fulfill their dreams of beginning a life with the one they love. But you can probably expect  to see at least some of them back at the county building, applying for gay divorce.

As demonstrated by this graph, as gay marriages suddenly and drastically increase, so do gay divorces, a trend conservative groups are quick to highlight.

“Clearly they have no respect for the institution of marriage,” says Festus Parker, president of the Alabama chapter of the American Center for Protecting Traditional Marriage (ACPTM), a group that believes marriage should be between one man and one woman. “Gay divorce held steady at 0 until the Supreme Court ruling, and now it’s at an 8.  That’s like an 800% increase.”

While we check Mr. Parker’s math, TMS would like to point out that heterosexual divorce rates remain around 30-50%.

“30-50%?” says Parker. “That’s way less than 800%.”

TMS would like to point out that those are two different data sets and are therefore not comparable.

“That sounds like science, which is a bigger heresy than gay marriage,” says Parker. “Let’s just agree that it’s bad.”

TMS would like to clarify that it does not agree.

“I think maybe you should leave,” says Parker.

TMS was more than happy to oblige.


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