Buffalo Wild Wings Sponsors World’s First Tater Skin Graft

Hector Jiminez’ arm, post-surgery

GAINESVILLE, FL– People use a number of different words to describe Hector Jiminez– punctual; dapper; independent; short–  but the word most used to describe Hector Jiminez today? Delicious.

Hector has been a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings, the popular sports bar, for nearly 8 years, so when he suffered third, fourth, and possibly fifth degree burns to his left forearm, “B-Dubs” was more than happy to take on the responsibility of caring for their employee.

“Some of the other guys in the kitchen bet me I couldn’t keep my arm in the fryer for thirty seconds,” Hector tells TMS. “Let’s just say I won’t be paying for my own beers for a while.”

But Hector’s fun had a significant downside to it; he was in need of extensive skin grafts on his arms and not donor in sight. As time grew short, his employer stepped in.

“We heard about Hector’s story through social media,” says Sally J. Smith, CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings. “Some of his friends had created a Facebook page looking for a compatible donor. When we really looked at Hector’s employee history, the decision was made to help him in whatever way we could.”

But with a donor still nowhere to be found, BWW had to use an extreme option. Using a revolutionary technique, doctors successfully grafted Buffalo Wild Wing’s signature Baked Potato Skins onto Hector’s arm.

“Basically we already had to cut everyone’s insurance, and we had a bunch of leftover potato skins laying around,” Smith explains. “This was the best option we could pursue without affecting our own personal bank accounts. Thanks, Obama!”

After 14 hours of delicate surgery, doctors declared the operation not only a success, but also cheesy and delicious. Now, Hector’s back to work and back to the life he always had.

“Sometimes I worry about becoming ‘the guy with the tater skin arms’,” Jiminez explains. “But it’s hard to feel bad for yourself when you’re covered in cheddar, bacon, and sour cream”


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