Supreme Court Yet To Rule Against Obama’s Bee Army

Just weeks after landmark Supreme Court rulings on both marriage equality and the affordable care act, Americans still wait with bated breath in fevered anticipation for the most important Supreme Court decision, probably of all time: the constitutionality of president Obama’s secret bee army.

As you probably are already well aware, it has been well documented that the president has been gathering bees by the tens of millions and herding them into secret government installations, most likely for the purpose of spreading mayhem and carnage as a means of justifying a mad grab for power (it’s much like the plot of Revenge of the Sith, so we have code named his evil plan ‘Order 66’).

And yet, the issue of the secret bee army has yet to grace the docket of the Supreme Court. With all the important rulings they have made in such a brief period of time, perhaps the single most important issue falls by the wayside. Why? The answer is simple. President Obama has promised the Supreme Court justices positions of power in his Bee World Order. After Chief Justice John Roberts sided with President Obama’s commie policies by ruling in favor of Obamacare, it is clear his loyalty has shifted, perhaps after numerous cards and gift baskets; perhaps after rigorous re-programming and mental conditioning. 

Whatever the case, this is a Brownback-sized subversion of the federal judiciary and ultimately dooms us all. With the Supreme Court deep in Obama’s pockets and a weak and neutered congressional body, nothing will stand between our squishy bodies and the fierce, sharpened stingers of Obama’s Secret Bee Army. 


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