Earth-Friendly Materials For LEGO To Consider

Who knew happiness came in so many colors?!

Last week, the Lego Company announced they were creating a trust dedicated to the purpose of finding a more environmentally conscious material from which to make their famous interlocking bricks. For more than 60 years, the Lego Group have made their trademark bricks and other elements from plastic, a material that, while ideal for making sturdy, colorful toys, is notoriously harsh on our environment. So, just in case they don’t have a team of specialized scientist already working on the problem, here are some suggestions to help them along the way.


Like trees have ever done anything for anyone, anyway.

When Ole Kirk Kristiansen began what would become the Lego company, it was making quality wooden toys, so why not come back to those roots? There are literally millions of trees and telephone poles to harvest wood from, and it’s biodegradable, unlike that nasty plastic.

Human Hair

The future of creative play smells like strawberries.

Have you been to the barber and/or “stylist”? They have been throwing literally tons of hair in the garbage and they always end up with more. Here is this free, abundant material, so why not make toys from it?



What could be more earth-friendly than the earth itself? Besides, parents spend hundreds of dollars on toys and the kids just play in the dirt anyway, this would just be giving them what they want.


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