Why DC is About to Rule Movie Theaters

Ant-Man is in our rear view and an average of 7 new comic book movies per year in our foreseeable future and it’s very early to tell, but I’m calling it.  DC WILL SOON RULE THE BOX OFFICE.  Here’s the big reasons why.


DC is Still on Their A-Team. – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, etc are all still a head of us.  Marvel is down to their C team, and third installments of their B teamers.  X-Men, Spooderman, Fantastic 4, and Hulk have been through the ringer so much they are dried out.  Valiant’s on its A-Team with Bloodshot but… who cares?


DC Has Some of the Best in the Business – And that’s not to say that other comic book movies aren’t working with talented individuals.  They are.  You have to be skilled to be working on the level that they are.  But David Ayer (Training Day, Fury, End of Watch) doing Suicide Squad?  Perfect.  Zach Snyder, who (I feel) has done faithful but exciting adaptations of Watchmen, 300, & Dawn of the Dead helming Batman V Superman, and the two part Justice League films?  Couldn’t have asked for better.  MULTIPLE Oscar Winner Ben Affleck starring in and directing his own Batman flick?  I’ll pre-order tickets now.  Every time Marvel courts an exceptional direct (Ava DuVernay, Edgar Wright…) they bail because of ‘creative differences’.

DC Doesn’t Suffer From a Splintered Universe – DC’s films will have an entirely cohesive universe at WB.  Marvel is still split up between Marvel, Fox and Sony.  Spooderman is finally finding his way into the rest of Marvel’s universe, but the division has already done its damage, The Punisher and Ghostrider being major causalities.


I could say this is all a matter of opinion, and I could say that time will tell and that I may be wrong.  But I won’t.  DC is about to own.  Marvel will still continue to make good films, and I will continue to enjoy them, but DC is going to make a big splash and y’all are gonna get soaked in your lil’ Capt America underoos.

When not offending fanboys, Josh writes his travelogue.


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