New Pics of Kim Kardashian!

As mindless America media drones, you are all no doubt obsessed with minor celebrities and their personal lives. Certainly you could take an interest in your neighbor’s life and the bad decisions they make, but then you might feel obligated to do something. No, its much safer to live vicariously through celebrities, ever at arm’s length, close enough to recognize them, but far enough to shrug your shoulders in cold indifference as they embarrass themselves for our amusement. With that said, check out Kim’s new look!


Kim was spotted in the park and was kind enough to pose for this shot! Here’s another!


Grabbing a salad for lunch, Kim is ever aware of predators like coyotes, mountain lions, and Hollywood agents.


What a mom! Here she is cuddling her beloved child, the very cleverly named North West, for a publicity shoot!


And here she is blatantly ignoring the child as he eats candy off the ground, no doubt starved by his neglectful mother.


And here she is in a moment of PDA with her equally famous and slightly less talented husband, Karl West (its Karl, right?)


Oops! She broke the internet again!


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