Timehop App Allows Your ‘Friends’ to Not Care All Over Again


Timehop’s mascot is a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are as extinct as your future, as long as you keep wasting your time on timehop.

Do you remember that funny status you wrote 3 years ago?  Nobody does, and Timehop is here to remind everyone!

Timehop allows you to clog newsfeeds over several different social networking sites

Social media is all about self-indulgence.  Keeping everyone informed about what YOU are doing.  What is everyone else doing?  WHO CARES?!?!?!  Unless you have been tagged because it involves you, you sure don’t.

What a great status. Glad you shared that again.

But what do you do when you want to tell EVERYONE more about YOU but you don’t have anything to say?  Timehop, a now popular cell phone app founded in 2011, shows you something mildly amusing that you posted years ago and let’s you post it all over again, for all your ‘friends’ to scroll past for a second time because it doesn’t involve them.

As time rolls by, and increasingly backwards, the app’s popularity continues to grow as millenials realize their best years are already behind them. Now everyone’s newsfeed can be filling with crap from years ago that no one cares about.  God Bless Technology.



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