Comics Vs Film: The Mask

The side by side comparison you were wanting, 2 decades too late!

JR's Wild West

A lot of movies, blockbuster or otherwise, start off as comic books.  More than you would initially think, but it makes total sense, comics is just another medium for great story-telling, of course those great stories will make it to cinema.  And a movie’s journey from comic to movie is very backwards from my own journey into the world of comics.  I started off as a cinephile and moved into the world of comics through films I loved like Watchmen, Kick-Ass and a little TV show called The Walking Dead.  After seeing these films I enjoyed immensely, I wanted to know more, so I picked up the books.  I then got into the original TMNT comics (I had loved the cartoon & toys as a kid) and Batman comics, through the Arkham games actually, although I had seen and enjoyed all the Batman films. (sans Batman & Robin)

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