Overlooked Life Hacks

You’ve all seen the lists of life hacks.  Usually 37 to 248 hacks long, half of them total BS like toilet paper roll speakers and or crap that you already know.  But some things still get left out.  Let’s take a look.

Take Dumps At Work  –  Let’s be honest, it’s not how you want to spend your free time.  We all do it; might as well get paid.

Spicy Ranch – Next time you are at a Chinese buffet, take the chili oil (or chili paste; whatever you want to call it) and mix it into some of the ranch from the salad bar.  A match made in heaven.

Skip to the Solo – When listening to We Will Rock You, just skip ahead to the guitar solo.  Cut the fat.  No one will think less of you.

Pee in the Shower – It’s early, you’re tired, you have to get ready for work (most likely), treat yo’self with this time saver.

Utilize Ghost Minutes – Ghost Minutes, for those of you unfamiliar, are the minutes you get credited for at work that you weren’t really there for when clocking in and out.  Say you work at a clock in, clock out job, like a lot of humans do.  Say you arrive at 7:59:52 and clock in.  The timeclock displays seconds, but only reads in minutes, so you get credited for clocking in at 7:59 when you were only really there for about 8 seconds of the minute.  Same with clocking out.  If you go to clock out and and 4:59:48 you might as well wait 12 seconds and get credited for another minute when you were really only there for a few seconds.  Why do all this just for a few measly minutes on your paycheck?  Because it adds up.  If you clock in and out for lunch, as well as in and out for the day, that’s 4 punches.  That’s four ghost minutes a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. (I figure you have some vacation time, sick days, etc) That’s 1,000 Ghost Minutes total, or 16.6 hours.  If you figure the national average is around $8.00 an hour minimum, you’re looking at at least a cool $130 a year extra for basically doing nothing.

Take the Road Less Traveled, Literally – Your town’s main thoroughfares are usually considered the fastest way to get anywhere, right?  WRONG.  Everyone takes these streets, so they’re clogged with traffic and plagued with stoplights.  Avoid them.  Find alternate routes.  Find through streets off the beaten path with less traffic and few stop lights and signs.  Your mind and body will enjoy the more relaxing drive and your wallet with enjoy the savings from cutting down on stop and go traffic and unnecessary idling.


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