Why Hasn’t Trump Attacked The Monthly Spew? -or- The Only Blog Run Exclusively By Undocumented Immigrants

When dealing with a personality like Donald trump (perhaps personality is too strong?), you have to treat the situation like moving a heavy China hutch full of your mom’s snowglobe collection. 
It’s like a balloon that has been inflated just to the threshold or bursting; although it’s size is impressive, any mishandling could cause it to break.  This is evident in the Donald’s handling of criticism.  Following the first of what we all hope to be only one GOP primary debate, Trump tweeted against Megyn Kelly’s rather dubious use of fair questions about current issues to distract viewers from Trump’s distractions.  More recently, Trump defaced an essay by basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, simply because Abdul-Jabbar had the audacity to detail the differences between Trump and democratic candidate hopeful and level 70 mage Bernie Sanders.

It’s obvious Trump cannot handle criticism.  When it does, God forbid, come his way, he lashes out like a schoolyard bully.  This is made apparent by his comments to Abdul-Jabbar.  But if such is the case, why hasn’t the disgraced reality star and misogynist hero come after The Monthly Spew?  The Monthly Spew has been consistently anti-Trump from the beginning, portraying him as a pompous, uninformed blowhard with no grasp on the issues facing our country

or of the plight of middle and lower class America.  We have flat-out called him a racist and an idiot.  And yet, unlike celebrities like Megyn Kelly, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Rosie O’Donnell, Donald Trump has yet to answer our dissent with some kind of troglodyte personal attack.  Is it another example of Trump’s plutocratic elitism?  If we brought in more revenue would we be worth his time?  Have we not been scathing enough in our commentary? Are we using too many big words? Frankly it’s insulting and we will not be ignored.  We vow to increase our efforts to garner the unwelcome attention of Donald F. Trump, and we won’t stop the until his emo tweets are angsted in our direction.  Or he drops out in disgrace, whichever comes first.


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