The Best of YOUR Search Terms!

Running your own website can be both exhilarating and frustrating.  One of the greatest thrills is looking at your stats.  People all over the world somehow end up reading our silly drivel and nerdy rantings.  And it’s interesting to see how they arrived here.  Luckily for most of you, we don’t see your search terms, but every know and then, we do get to see what you searched and how you ended up at The Spew.  This is the best of those search terms, get ready to see the internet’s seedy underbelly.

giada de laurentiis boobs‘ – Seems reasonable. 

property brothers cocks‘ – Ummm… what?

bloo superdude and the magic potato of power lord snooty‘ – Now you’ve completely lost me.  

property brothers married‘ – They are brothers, I doubt they married each other, you sicko.  

giada de laurentiis tits‘ – It’s about time we got back on track

free video willing sis jerking bro‘ – REALLY not sure how this led to us…

The rest of the majority of the search terms was a lot about dad bods, ISIS & Candy Crush, and Funko POP! hate.

But whatever sick, hateful opinion or kinky, disturbing fetish brought you to The Spew, thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “The Best of YOUR Search Terms!

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