Man In Custody After Photobomb Scare

WASHINGTON, DC — When Rachel Eppley, 25, and August Schiff, 26, both of Garland, TX, visited our nation’s capital earlier this month for their Labor Day weekend, there was no way they could anticipate what would happen.

“You hear stories and you see stuff on Facebook, but you think it’ll never happen to you,” said Eppley, still visibly shaken by the experience.

As the two friends who had met in college traveled Washington, DC, visiting landmarks and historical monuments, they noticed a suspicious man as they tried to take a selfie on Capitol Hill.

“He looked kinda creepy,” Schiff recalled.  “He was standing at a distance but was clearly watching what we were doing.  I pointed him out to Rachel and we figured out pretty quickly he was trying to photobomb us.”

Thinking quickly they approached a security guard under the ruse that they were asking him to take a picture of them.  Instead, they quietly informed the security agent of the suspect.  As the guard brought up the camera phone to take the picture, the suspect jumped out, making a dumb face and throwing a “gang sign”, at which point the security gave chase and apprehended the suspect.  When the officer told the suspect, identified as Tim Blake, 38, of Washington DC, that the picture was never taken and no record was made of his tomfoolery, Blake vowed revenge, swearing he would be in all their pictures.George-Costanza-The-Original-Photobomb_o_118090


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