The Comic Property Spinoffs We’d Love to Get

Comic Book properties are becoming big business.  Marvel movies are huge, Marvel Comics’ licensed properties are also big screen hits for Sony & Fox, DC is following suit in building their own interconnected cinematic universe and CW, FOX & Netflix are tearing up our TV sets at home with hits like Arrow, The Flash, Gotham & Daredevil.

And the comic properties on TV and the big screen keep on expanding.  Arrow spun off to create The Flash and both of those shows have spun off to create the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow.  NBC cancelled Constantine, but Matt Ryan is resurrecting his portrayal of the character in an upcoming episode of Arrow.  Marvel and DC’s cinematic universes are expanding out every which way, and Marvel and Sony are even crossing Spider-man over for some inter-studiodal lovin’.  There’s a lot going on, and a lot of directions to go in the future, here’s what I would like to see.

Red Hood & The Outlaws

SPOILERS – If you are not caught up on Arrow or familiar with Batman comics, skip this section!

At the end of Arrow Season 3 the character of Roy Harper/ Arsenal takes the blame for Arrow’s ‘crimes’ and skips town.  And he is nowhere to be seen in the trailers for the upcoming season of Arrow.  Wouldn’t it be great if Roy went off and joined Red Hood (former Robin, Jason Todd) & Starfire to become the team known as the Outlaws?  Jason’s backstory in the world of Batman would definitely make for interesting television, as Starfire’s would as well.  I’ve been reading some Outlaws comics as of late and it is good stuff, it would definitely be a great addition to the Arrowverse

The Mighty Mutanimals

This mutant team, made up of TMNT allies, has seen several incarnations through Archie & IDW Comics, and even has a place in the newest incarnation of the TMNT animated television series on Nickelodeon, and since the big screen loves team up flicks, I think they are primed for a major Hollywood release.  The possibilities for action and great character development are nearly endless with character choices like Leatherhead, Old Hob, Mondo Gecko, Ray Fillet, Slash & Mutagen Man, among others.  The Mighty Mutanimals could almost be viewed as the Suicide Squad of TMNT, which, after it’s latest big screen outing, could use a breath of fresh air.  The only draw back though, is a complete lack of a jumping off point (so far) from the new TMNT trilogy.  And while the next installation introduces TMNT characters like Bebop, Rocksteady, Casey Jones & Baxster Stockman, there is still no sign of anything Mutanimals related.


WARNING:  Dark Knight Film Trilogy spoilers ahead

Dick Grayson, the original Robin, became Nightwing, costumed vigilante who watches over Bludhaven, after giving up the mantel of Robin.  And at the end of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy we get hints of JGL’s character (given name Robin) possibly picking up where Bruce Wayne left off after Bruce leaves clues leading him to the Batcave.  Unfortunately, as cool as it would be for JGL to play Nightwing in a stand-alone, Nolan has said he is definitely done with that universe.  Our only hope now is that DC/WB may want to branch into Nightwing territory off of their new Ben Affleck incarnation of Batman.  *crosses fingers* *knocks on wood*

On a side note, there is a sweet fan made Nightwing series on youtube definitely worth checking out.

The Incredible Hercules

Lots of good punching, drinking, and quipping in here.

Dustin here, thought I’d add in a spin-off that I’d love to see of the Agents of SHIELD TV show:  The Incredible Hercules.  Marvel is moving more and more into TV, especially with their crop of Netflix originals (Daredevil was fantastic and I am stoked for AKA Jessica Jones or is it just Jessica Jones now?  Either way I’m in.)  But the Agents of SHIELD gives the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite comic book runs and add a huge dose of sheer fun to the Marvel TV universe.
The series kicks off after the Hulk tries to take down everyone (and basically succeeds).  Long-time Hulk friend Herc sided with him (a bit) and ends up on SHIELD’s sh#t-list.  Similarly Hulk-friend and teenage genius Amadeus Cho is doing everything in his power to bring down SHIELD (which he blames for Hulk’s unfair treatment).

This is a fairly accurate depiction of the series.

This is a fairly accurate depiction of the series.

The two “team-up” on the run from SHIELD and shenanigans ensue.  One of the best parts is Herc’s interactions with his family- which includes his blood-thirsty half-brother Ares working for SHIELD to take down Herc.  There’s a lot of comic book baggage in the arc that would need to be cut, but also a lot of opportunity.  Herc and Cho’s journeys criss-cross the Marvel Universe and gives a lot of opportunity to interact and introduce smaller characters that aren’t getting their own movie- which is basically what Agents of SHIELD is doing now as well.

The world of comics is huge, what other spinoffs would YOU like to see?  Sound of in the comments.

When not daydreaming about movies and TV, Josh runs his travelogue.


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