Songs About Coffee for Coffee Day

Thanks to Facebook I have learned that today is National Coffee Day.  I personally find coffee abhorrent.  It’s bitter and all around awful, even mounds of sugar and gallons of cream can barely mask it’s downright nasty taste.  HOWEVER!  I also understand it’s importance to millions of people worldwide.  And since I like to try to think of the big picture, I do what I can to be helpful and supportive (while still getting my jabs in).  So since there are no ‘coffee carols’ (yet) here are some songs about coffee for you to enjoy on this day, National Coffee Day.

I was originally going to call this little blurb ‘The Best Songs About Coffee’, but another Spew staffer showed me a list of 10 song about coffee, none of which I knew, and which included none of the songs I knew.  It became obvious to me that I don’t know much about the world of ‘songs about coffee’, so here is… a couple songs about coffee… that I know.

Black Flag – Black Coffee

This is possibly my favorite song about coffee simply because it implies that it is (at least in this case) bad.  This track, from legendary LA punk band Black Flag, tells of man, sitting around drinking black coffee, which feeds his madness of paranoia & jealousy.  It first came on my radar due to Pennsylvania metalcore outfit Zao covering it for a Black Flag tribute compilation.  Check em both out and STARE AT THE WALLS!


Descenedents – Coffee Mug

The godfathers of Pop-punk present the flip side to the coin with their track ‘Coffee Mug’, saying that coffee is what makes all things possible for them, and countless others. While I can’t say I relate, I can’t deny the catchiness and energy poured into this barn burner.

Silverstein did a spot on cover on their ‘Short Songs’ album, check that out if so inclined.

Lagwagon – Mr. Coffee

Another pop-punk barn burner about the benefits coffee, Mr. Coffee is basically Coffee Mug on steroids.  Faster and chock full of caffeinated riffage, Mr. Coffee is a the best part of waking up.

What’s your favorite coffee inspired tune?  Sounds off in the comments.


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