The Halloween Dad Builds a Ninjago Costume for His Son

The following post was provided by The Halloween Dad as part of our Halloween SuperStravaganza.  Check out the awesome work he did putting together a Ninjago costume for his son.  The results are pretty fantastic!  Be sure to check out his regular blog at!

So Halloween is creeping up on us (see what i did there with creeping…..ok) and last year I was tasked with making a Ninjago costume, the good lady wife decided that it would be fun to tell Liam “if you want a Ninjago costume Dad will make one for you…..” Say what now…. make a Ninjago costume, not only a costume but a bloody Lego costumer for a 5 year old. How was i going to do this…?

So how did the above come about, I do try my best to make stuff for the boys, I can be creative when needed but don’t flex my muscles here nearly enough. Getting up for work at 5am and home in the evening then football training and whatever else is on I am wrecked in the evenings, like most parents. However I really wanted to make something so Green Ninjago dude was the way to go. Lego right how hard could this be, I mean it’s just square blocks!!!!

First thing to do, review Ninjago and google a few images (See below) – I needed to make this, or at least something bloody close to it (bloody.. see again…lol)


So first a few items needed:-

  1. Green Paint – a decent amount
  2. Boxes, I used a document box for the main torso and normal box folded for the legs
  3. Gold, black silver paint
  4. Polystyrene cups
  5. Green top – fabric – for the head scarf
  6. Glue
  7. plenty of time, this sucker took me 5 days (couple of hours each evening)

First off you cannot make a costume for a 5 year old with them helping… so throw the plans out of the window and just accept the fact that the messy painting is going to happen and your well thought out perfect replica costume is not going to look screen perfect.

So how to start – for me the document box need a trim to tapper the top end in from the bottom See diagram below – First is the box end up and then trimmed back

UntitledNow the cool thing with a document box is the lid becomes the back the torso and so allows for easy access when putting the thing on. You also need to cut holes for the arms but I think you would know this….

Once you have the box trimmed up just paint green and mark out the details with a pencil. Then paint over with black, silver and gold as needed as per the picture – I try to use the pencil as a guide, go over in the silver and gold and outline in black to bring up the detail.


Get the other cardboard and measure against you kids legs. I cut these straight and then added a boot section to go over the shoes. I also added and curved section and cut slots into the legs to account for the curve at the hips on the lego model. Again paint and detail as needed.

We have a green top so he wore this under the box which added to the overall effect. I made a simple eye mask, pain yellow with black detail and then found a simple trick to wrap my top around his head. See image below:-

Head 1

Put on a long-sleeved t-shirt and stop above the ears and nose. In other words, the top of the tee (the collar) should be resting on the arch of your nose and ears.

Head 2
Pull the back of the shirt over your forehead. It’s okay if your hairline is exposed; that’s what the headband is for. Adjust it so it’s a bit above your eyebrows. It doesn’t have to feel tight just yet.

Head 3
Take the sleeves and tie them behind your head. It’s okay to leave the sleeves dangling. You can either leave them free or tuck them into the box of the torso. Add eye mask for effect.

Once done I think it looks rather cool and different, He
got loads of compliments and even ended up in a national paper, Do plan for loads of fun, We had a blast making the thing trying it on, cut, sticking, staples, more paint, grabbing one of daddy’s tops for the head piece This year he wants a Lego Batman!!!!!!!!  Recycle the same and paint black with highlights…1






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