TMS Tulsa Comic Con Cosplay Pics

Every year I say I want to go to a convention, but until now I have failed to make it to a Comic Con. This year, my birthday request was tickets and my mother-in-law came through with VIP three day passes to see Bruce Campbell.  (Thanks Mom!)

There were complications along the way and I missed Friday, but I made sure to snap plenty of pictures to make up for it. Please excuse the quality of some… for whatever reason my camera was intermittently being a turd.

(Here’s a crappy video I shot on my camera turd.)


Tumps: TMS contributor & cosplayer

Josh Henderson:  TMS Editor & cosplayer

Joey Henderson: Wandered into the discussion in search of donuts

Dustin: TMS Editor who ate all the donuts


Big Daddy and Little Sister




Diablo – Demon Hunter and Tyrael


Portal and photobomb




Winter Soldier








Fionna and Cake





Business Vader?




Ice King




Princess Bubblegum and Jedi (What’s the plural of Jedi?)


Legends of the Hidden Temple – Green Monkeys

Honorable mention


Someone tell this kid about anti-fog coating, or vents.


“Well that’s not something you see every day.”


Mom! Get the camera! Tumps is doing that Warrior Wonder Woman thing.
(This pose doesn’t do the chest piece or pauldron justice.)


I always figured him as more of a plastic kind of guy.

cc-diabloTumps –  I win. Hands down. You can all go home now.
Having actually made my own costume for Saturday, I know how much work it takes. I was actually kind of upset by how little effort some people put into their cosplay. Take Leeloo for example; I don’t fully understand why she’s wearing shorts. I know some people are just not comfortable with their body type,  but the character’s other outfit is actually pants! That being said, I was super happy to see Blackhawk roaming around given how obscure he has become. I also enjoyed the very detailed Deathstroke, because he was a good sport when I asked him to dance for my video, and he gave me pointers on pauldron materials. Then of course there’s the Ash and mini Ash, that is parenting done right. Lastly there’s a very well put-together Princess Bubblegum and her Jedi entourage.
The overall winner for me would have to be the Diablo duo though.  Somebody needs to give them a trophy, because that is a lot of work. Months worth really… maybe even a year. Way to go guys!

cc-diabloJosh – My personal favorites would have to be Rufio, Ash & the Ice King.  Hook holds a special place in my heart from my childhood, and Ash from my earlier adulthood.  However, I have seen both of those characters done before.  And while that might be the best Ash (and only mini-Ash) I’ve seen, I’ve still seen it before.  (sorry to say, Rufio, I’ve seen better) But still Bravo.  The Ice King I have never seen before though, thus bringing it to the top of my personal favorites.

However, this is not about personal favorites, this is about the best cosplay.  And for that distinction I’d have to say the Deathstroke or Diablo duo.  Deathstroke is a personal favorite of mine as well, but I have seen it a lot (a close friend of mine did a great one, actually).  So, while I am unfamiliar with Diablo, there is no denying the amount of detail in their costumes.  Winner:  Diablo duo

cc-poorbatmanJoey – ATM Batman. Because he’s Batman.

Ducc-diablostin – I’m not even a fan of the Terminator known as Deathstroke but that is a hell of an outfit that guy (or gal) put together.  I mean, yes, clearly Tumps wins it as WW but we can’t be handing out awards to ourselves.  At least not before the annual Monthlies Awards.  I do like Business Vader but that’s not a particularly difficult costume to put together.  You just can’t deny the work that went into both Deathstroke and the Diablo Duo.  I gotta give my nod to Diablo Duo… though the fact that Tyrael is one of my favorite characters might be shaping that.


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