Warcraft Movie Assistant Director, “I was really just staring at the screen.”

By now you’ve all seen the trailer for the upcoming Warcraft movie trailer directed by sci-fi veteran Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code).

First impressions of the trailer have been strongly positive and Jones is a well-regarded director according to the fawning* admiration of fake internet judge John Hodgman.  However, there is a controversy brewing about the production of the film and its treatment of its assistant directors and editors, a controversy that is spilling over into several other video game movie adaptations currently in the works.

Several Assistant Directors and Assistant Editors of the upcoming video game adaptation are voicing their dissatisfaction with Director Duncan Jones’** tyrannical directing style.  “Whenever any of us asked to do some directing he always shot us down,” Claimed Yara Fara, the spokesperson for the angry assistants.  “‘You are directing,’ he would say.  ‘You’re directing by helping me direct!  See, when I send this orc over her for this shot its because you helped me decide to do it!  We’re a team!’  But he never let us use the cameras ourselves or move stuff around.  And he was always the one in the center chair.  The rest of us would have to sit to the side or behind him.  I don’t think he ever let any of the assistant editors use the mouse at all.”

Several of the assistants were so upset about Duncan’s refusal to let them have any direct impact on the video game movie that they actually left in order to work on other projects.  “I left pretty early on,” said Gregorin Illyenivich, another former Warcraft Assistant Director with a funny name.  “I knew another Director that was working on a GoldenEye movie and he was very open to collaboration.  He would actually have three assistant directors all working with him at the same time on different parts of the movie.  It was fantastic.  At first.”

bb389506a06de2b08915977ef0b7355325889fa13da7dfce1ad409c3cd0cd53fGregorin, and other GoldenEye assistant directors eventually ran into an entirely different struggle.  “Well, the problem was limited screen space.  We were all trying to do our directing on the same TV and we ended up just constantly accusing each other of watching the wrong screen sections.  It became a very tense working environment after awhile.  Also one of the other assistant directors kept on shouting ‘No odd jobs!’  I guess the main director kept asking him to do random tasks around the set and he thought it was demeaning.”

Even the set of the recently announced Turok movie has been embroiled with scandal among its assistant directors.  In a shocking turn of events it seems that the director actually killed one of his assistants after finding out that a Cerebral Bore used in the film had been left in a locker.  The fallout of that tragic death has led to protests against the film from PETA as the murdered assistant director had been a raptor.

*Not meant to imply that John Hodgman is a small deer.  Though he may be.  We aren’t staking out a claim on that either way.

**Not the guy who played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies.  We checked


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