Christmas Song Challenge Day 2

Day 2:  Your Favorite Christmas Song as a Child

Christmas is often a reminder of our childhood and the right song can stir up those old feelings of unwrapping that perfect gift under the warm glow of the tree’s lights. Today, we share some songs that remind us of those bygone days before we came bitter, cynical satire bloggists.

Josh:  MxPx – Christmas Day

My earliest recollection of a favorite Christmas song comes from my mid-teens when I first heard Christmas Day by Bremerton, WA skate-punk 3 piece MxPx.  I had received Happy Christmas Vol. 2 for Christmas and this heartfelt barn-burner of a tune was the opening number.  I think this is where my love-affair with Christmas music began.  The chorus gets me every time, ‘A little goes a long way on Christmas Day.’  Have truer words ever been spoken?

Joey’s Pick: The Nutcracker Suite – Tchaikovsky

I remember as a kid finding a tape with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture on one side and The Nutcracker Suite on the other. I obsessed over it for a while, playing it endlessly on both sides, and Home Alone helped cement it in my mind as Christmas music.

Dustin’s Pick: Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The only acceptable Christmas song is Wizards in Winter by TSO.

Don’t forget to recap Christmas Song Challenge Day 1 if you missed it!


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