Christmas Spew-sic 25 Day Song Challenge Extravaganza! Day 4

Day 4: The First Christmas Song You Heard This Year

Whether it was on purpose or against your will, you may recall the first sounds of the season tinkling in your ears like little jingly bells.  Here are the songs that tinkled in our ears this year.

Joey’s Pick: The Wind – Demon Hunter

This is actually an unfortunate pick. Since my Christmas music obsession is year-round, I can’t correctly recall the first Christmas song I heard this year and this song really isn’t at the top of any of my lists (except maybe my favorite Christmas song by Demon Hunter, which, to my knowledge,  it is their only Christmas song).  Nothing about it absolutely screams Christmas and, being a slower ballad, it isn’t the greatest Demon Hunter song in the world.  That being said, it is still an enjoyable song, but really, it was the only “Christmas” song in my phone prior to December, so it gets picked by default.

Josh:  The Wonder Years – Christmas at 22

As soon as Thanksgiving was over I had my Christmas playlist synced on my iPod and blasting in my Jeep.   This was the first song that came up, which is great because it’s a new favorite I found a couple seasons back.  A lively acoustic track celebrating all that is Christmas for a late-college-aged  American male, TWY’s vocalist Soupy croons through the chorus ‘Let’s turn on the TV and wait for Christmas specials/ make some frozen pizza/ watch your stolen cable/
We’ll thank whoever’s in charge here that this year
didn’t treat me so bad.’  It’s a holiday anthem for anyone in between growing independent of their birth family and starting their own.  Or just a good celebration of the season, no matter your circumstances.

Dustin’s Pick: Wizards in Winter – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The only good Christmas song is Wizards in Winter by TSO.

Tumps’ pick: Please Come Home For Christmas – Eagles
I’m beginning to realize that my Christmas music is on the more melancholy end of the spectrum.


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