Christmas Song Challenge Day 6

Music is an amazing thing in the way it can take us places.  Any certain tune or melody can conjure up feelings and memories from times past.  They can also remind us of things more specific.  Can you hear ‘The Man In Me‘ and NOT think of The Big Lebowski?  Didn’t think so.  Film and TV have popularized many a song and Christmas music is no different.  Let’s delve into what memories of film are reanimated with these Christmas songs.

Day 6:  A Christmas Song That Reminds You of A Movie

Josh:  The Drifters – White Christmas

There are few songs as iconic as White Christmas.  Bing Crosby took the song and made it into the best selling single of all time.  And his mellow, soulful rendition is classic in it’s own right, but no version tops the arrangement cut by The Drifters in 1954.  They kicked a little life into White Christmas with intricate doo-wop vocal arrangements, without losing the heart and feeling behind the lyrics.  And their version saw moderate success on R&B radio in it’s time but it wasn’t until the 1990s when the Christmas blockbuster Home Alone featured it in a now classic scene that their spectacular re-imagining was brought to the masses.  Try not to think about it when you’re putting on your aftershave. AAAAHHHHHHhhhh!!!!

Joey’s Pick: Flyleaf –Do You Hear What I Hear?

While not the version heard in the movie, this song is forever linked with Gremlins in my mind. It begins playing unexpectedly on a record player in the hall as Billy’s mother finds the chrysalises opened, just before she is attacked by the five newly hatched gremlins. What follows is some of the more gruesome scenes of the movie, and it all began with the haunting strains of this Christmas classic. I love the movie and I love this song, and this happens to be my favorite version.

Dustin’s Pick: Trans Siberian Orchestra – Wizards in Winter

Ok, it might not be in any movies that I can find, but to me Christmas movies include Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies.  And both of those have Wizards in them and sometimes those Wizards are co-existent with Winter.  So there.

Leave your picks in the comments section!  And don’t forget the recap the previous days of the challenge.


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