Christmas Song Challenge Day 7

A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Frosty the Snowman…  Americans across the nation were all raised with one or more of these classic Christmas Specials on the TV every year.  And no Christmas Special is complete without a good number or two, let’s see what the TMS staff picked for their favorites.

Day 7:  A Christmas Song From A TV Special

Josh:  A Garfield Christmas – Can’t Wait Til Christmas

My siblings and I watched numerous Christmas Specials over and over throughout our childhood after we recorded them off of broadcast TV including classics like Rudolph, Frosty, & The Night Before Christmas. But I’d say our (or at least my) favorites were A Charlie Brown ChristmasA Garfield Christmas, & A Claymation Christmas Celebration, all of which featured memorable musical selections (Claymation Christmas was basically ALL music).  But the song I liked most out of all the songs out of all the specials is Can’t Wait Til Christmas from A Garfield Christmas.  A neat little ditty filled with the silly humor we’ve come to expect from Garfield & Co, it’s memorable, sing-alongable, and surprisingly accurate.  ‘Then we’d take those presents/ and pile them under the tree/  We’d barely get a wink of sleep/ wondering what they could be!’  That was every Christmas for me as a kid.

Joey’s Pick: Jars of Clay – Christmastime Is Here

Christmas, to me, is Charlie Brown Christmas. It is required watching for the Christmas season, and as its 50th anniversary proves, it is an enduring part of our culture. And while we all love the unique jazz soundtrack provided by Vince Guaraldi, Jars of Clay bring a lot to the song with their great post-grunge 90s rock sound.

Dustin’s Pick: Community: Annie Doesn’t Understand Christmas – Alison Brie

Community had a fantastic knack for taking on conventional narratives and twisting them around.  In the Season 3 Christmas Episode they cram in a lot of Glee mockery but also riff on the trope of “learning the true meaning of Christmas”.  Alison Brie’s character, infected by the virality of Glee Club singing tries to win over non-singing holdout Jeff with a “sexy” Christmas song.  It goes spectacularly bad as Annie devolves from sultry innuendo to broken sentences, baby-talking, and total (feigned) idiocy.  It also effectively skewers the entire “sexy baby talk” trope and shows how creepy that really is.  Having a Jewish character dress up as Santa to deliver a PG-rated lap-dance is really the icing on the gingerbread house.

What’s your favorite song from a Christmas Special?  Sound of in the comments and don’t forget to recap the other days of the challenge.


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