Dr. Ben Carson Releases New Memoir

Amid ongoing scrutiny surrounding the factuality of his first memoir, Gifted Hands, Dr. Ben Carson is releasing his second memoir, Second Black President.


"I'd hit that."

“This book picks up where the other left off,” explains Carson’s ghost writer, Rachel Levine.  “It covers his presidency from 2017 until 2028, and takes its title from his monumental of being the second black president, after, of course, Jimmy Carter.”


Carson to Hijackers: "Get off my plane!"

Like his previous memoir, Dr. Carson is portrayed by Cuba Goofing, Jr. and includes incredible stories from his real life, including the time he stopped an alien invasion with the help of Jeff goldblum, the time Air Force One was hijacked and he had to stop the hijackers himself.


Dr. Carson and Mr. Goldblum share a tender moment before giving the aliens an STD.

“It was important to Dr. Carson and I that we use actual events from his life instead of making stuff up this time,” added Levine.  “Given the current skepticism surrounding his previous book, we wanted to present the facts. Like the time he led an expedition the the center of the earth, or the time he kept a bus from exploding by speeding down the freeway.”


Dr. Carson gives Sandra Bullock driving lessons.

The book comes out Oct 21, 2015.


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