Christmas Song Challenge Day 9

Despite having originated in a multitude of beliefs and winter solstice rituals, here in America ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’!  I mean, come on, he’s right in the name of the holiday, CHRISTmas.  So, to prove we’re not commies or worse yet… Taoist or something, here are our favorite songs about the birth of Jesus, King of the Jews, who was probably born around September, as near as anyone can guess.

Day 9: Favorite song celebrating Jesus’ birth.

Josh:  August Burns Red – O Come O Come Emmanuel

After decades in churches at Christmas-time most Christmas hymns have worn out any kind of novelty they may have held for me in my earlier years. But Pennsylvania metalcore 5-piece August Burns Red breath new life into many Christmas classics, and grind out a few sweet originals, on their Christmas album Sleddin’ Hill.  The entire album is fantastic, but their version of O Come O Come Emmanuel (originally a Latin hymn that may date back as early as the 12th century) is a standout track featuring some of the heaviest breaks, frantically precise drums, and superbly intricate guitar-work.  All of which staples ABR are already well-known for.

Joey’s Pick: Audrey Assad – Winter Snow

Yeah, there are a lot I could choose from, and to avoiding reusing I Celebrate The Day for all of these, I pick Audrey Assad’s beautiful song comparing Christ’s entry into this world to a quiet December snow, the kind we all wait for at Christmas.

Dustin’s Pick: Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix

I don’t actually care in particular about the various covers.  I just actually really like Little Drummer Boy.

Tumps: Silent Night (Oiche Chiuin) – Celtic Woman

Though I personally do not have a favorite song that fits this topic, I was raised by my Catholic grandparents. This was a favorite in the household.


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