Christmas Song Challenge Day 11

Dance.  It’s what rhythm and music move us to.  Energy builds up inside us and we just have to let it out by wiggling our limbs and hips.  I’m really not sure what it has to do with Christmas.  The only Christmas dancing I know of takes place in A Christmas Carol and the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire, but whatever, here we go.

Day 11:  A Song That Makes You Want to Dance

Josh:  Austrian Death Machine:  I’m Not a Pervert

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m pretty white.  I’m damn-near a ginger.  So the only dancing I do is hardcore dancing.  And I’m Not A Pervert is the perfect song to open up the pit.  Or start a wall of death.  Lady’s choice.  I’m Not a Pervert is based on the classic line from the Arny Christmas classic Jingle All The Way.

Joey’s Pick: Austrian Death Machine – It’s Turbo Time

Given I’m of the exact same parentage as Josh, I’m nearly as white, and just as bad at dancing. Maybe worse. Probably better. Anyway, Turbo Time, like Pervert, is inspired by Jingle All The Way and is a straight up metalcore jam that will get your blood and your fists pumping. Don’t forget the guitar solo!

Dustin’s Pick: Trans-Siberian Orchestra: – Wizards in Winter

The only acceptable Christmas song is Wizards in Winter by TSO.



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