Christmas Music Challenge Day 12

Day 12: Your Favorite Version of Twelve Days Of Christmas

Since early Christians had (incorrectly) reckoned Christ’s birth on both December 25th and January 6th, the church extended the season to run between these two dates to avoid conflict and confusion.  As a result, people started giving one another absurd gifts such as game birds and inordinate numbers of galavanting nobility.  Here’s to all 12 days of this festive season!

Joey’s Pick: Relient K – The Twelve Days of Christmas

Always deft to turn a phrase, Relient K puts a fun twist on this holiday classic.  Keeping to their pop-punk/power pop style, Matt Thiessen and Co. charge through all twelve days, adding their own silly chorus: “What’s a partridge?/what’s a pear tree?/I don’t know so please don’t ask me/but I can bet those are terrible gifts to get.”

Josh:  I hate all versions of this song

Despite versions by one of my favorite bands, Taking Back Sunday, and some other groups I finally mildly amusing like The Muppets and From First To Last, I still borderline hate this song.  It’s obnoxious, really.  It’s basically the Christmas version of The Song That Never Ends or 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.  The only way I would like this song is if it was started at twelve and included some of the more obscure versions of the verses like ‘asses racing’, ‘bears a beating’, and ‘badgers baiting’.  And even then, I don’t know if I’d enjoy it.  The exact origin of the song is unknown, but it’s thought to be a memory and forfeit game.  I’d love to forfeit it from my memory, personally.

Dustin’s Pick: There Isn’t a TSO Version of this song and so this is an inappropriate question.


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