Christmas Song Challenge Day 14

Day 14: A Funny Christmas Song

If you can’t have a little bit of a sense of humor about the holidays, you probably don’t need to be celebrating.  Besides, a little humor can help get you through a stressful time where a drinking problem is frowned upon.

Joey’s Pick: Calibretto 13 – Merry Freakin’ Christmas

Acoustic punk from the late 90s delivers a dry take on the Santa fable in a song about a 19 year old who learns his dad was Santa all along and quickly becomes cynical and jaded about the world.  One of my favorite all-around Christmas songs nowadays.

Josh:  Nerf Herder – Santa Has a Mullet

Fat Wreck Chords’ silly punkers Nerf Herder bring some humor to Christmas with Santa Has a Mullet, painting a picture of Santa as some kinda of rockin’ trailer park type fella.  Some of the better lines include ‘Santa’s got a mullet/ keep on looking out for him/ Driving in his I-roc/ with the killer rims/… Jamming to Foghat/ And drinkings Dewar’s Light/… Santa’s wearing Oakleys/ and he’s looking mighty sharp/ I thought he was from the North Pole. But he must be from Canada/’  Also check out another chuckle worthy Nerf Herder Christmas song, I’ve Got a Boner For Christmas.


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