Christmas Song Challenge Day 16

Day 16:  Your Favorite Version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Ah, ol’ Rudolph.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is almost as synonymous with Christmas as Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick himself.  The story of Rudolph was first published in 1939 and, with the help of a hit song  adaption in 1949 and a now-classic TV special in 1964, the story of embracing what makes you unique has since become part of Christmas folklore.  The popular song has since been re-recorded by countless artists, let’s see what version wet’s our panels’ whistle.

Josh:  California Raisins 

A Claymation Christmas Celebration will forever remain one of my favorite Christmas specials, and The California Raisins version of Rudolph is a big part of why.  Putting the vocals stylings of Doo-Wop & R&B into this classic tune gave it a much needed kick in the pants.  Sweet lows and harmonious highs make this rendition the cream of the crop.

Joey’s Pick:  August Burns Red


I like metal, so a metal version is definitely preferred, and August Burns scratches that itch.  As one of their few Christmas renditions to feature vocals, it’s just that much more fun.  Plus, they do all the goofy extra lyrics you sang as a kid.



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