Christmas Song Challenge Day 17

Christmas Song Challenge Day 17:  A Song That Makes You Think of Snow

Nothing is more magical than having snow on Christmas.  How the ideal Christmas is always portrayed in song, film and television, is with a lovely, calm snow falling outside.  Unfortunately for us in the Midwest, snow on Christmas is rare.  The winter months average the least amount of precipitation.  But here’s to wishful thinking, and the songs that make us think of a snowy Christmas.

Josh:  Yellowcard – Christmas Lights

A newer addition to my Christmas playlist, thanks to it’s inclusion on the Punk Goes Christmas compilation, Christmas Lights (originally by Coldplay) should make me think more of well… Christmas lights, but it doesn’t.  The line from this song that sticks out to me the most is ‘ When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall/ It doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all’ as it hits very close to home as I’ve spent many snow-less Christmases wishing for flakes so I could recapture the memories of those ideal snowy Christmases.

Joey:  Let It Snow

I can’t help it.  When it snows, I sing this song.  Snow makes me think of this song, this song makes me think of snow.


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