Christmas Song Challenge Day 20

Day 20:  A Traditional Christmas Song

Josh:  Carol of the Bells

Such a haunting melody, yet it’s somehow exhilarating.  There’s really not much you can say about Carol of the Bells because the song itself says so much more.  It’s seen several fantastic arrangements across many genres and has been featured in everything from films like Home Alone & The Santa Clause to video games like Arkham Origins.  And since I’m the only survivor of the Christmas Song Challenge, I will share several of my favorites with you now.

Claymation – This (or possibly Home Alone) was my first real exposure to the Carol of the Bells.  As a kid, we watched this special every year and Claymation mixed a classic arrangement with a funny premise, making it extra enjoyable to an impressionable kid like myself.

Trans Siberian Orchestra – My next favorite arrangement came decades later when I heard TSO’s version.  Adding great dynamics, some sweet chugging palm mutes and some killer leads to the traditional arrangement.

August Burns Red – But the version that tops all others is by Pennsylvania metalcore 5-piece August Burns Red, the kings of Christmas arrangements, who add in some much needed blast beats and breakdowns where TSO was fearful to tread.


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