Christmas Song Challenge Day 23

Day 23: Your Favorite Version of Deck the Halls

Perhaps the Christmas Song most concerned with decorating, who can resist belting out a Fa-La-La-La-La with reckless abandon? You, because nobody can tell you what to do? Fair enough, you rebel!

Joey: B.O.B. – Deck The Halls (Ska-La-La-La-La)

As I’ve mentioned before, Bunch of Believers is not the greatest third wave ska-punk band you’ll ever hear, but they made a decent Christmas album, and they tear through Deck the Halls with the same manic punk tempo they gave to Jingle Bells, only this time, they change the catchy chorus to “Ska-La-La-La-La” in keeping with their musical style, only to see that style’s popularity nosedive a few years later.  Way to go, guys!

Josh:  None

I can’t find any version of Deck the Halls on my playlist, or even my entire hard drive.  So apparently I don’t like the song.  But a quick youtube search spawns this…. thing.



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