Christmas Song Challenge Day 24

Day 24:  A Christmas Song About Santa

It’s Christmas Eve and you know what that means!  Your in-laws are coming and you need more booze!  No, wait; it means Big Red is getting his sleigh ready to move out and deliver all the goodies to all the good little boys and girls of all regions of the world who perpetuate the story of Santa– mostly American children.  Nothing speaks more to the commercialist spirit of Christmas by pretending to behave for one month in exchange for cheap plastic garbage! Yay!

Joey: Sloppy Seconds – Hooray For Santa Claus

Once the theme for the campy Christmas classic, Santa Conquers the Martians, punk throwbacks Sloppy Seconds take on the tune with buzzsaw guitars and gang vocals aplenty.  Catchy and fun to sing along to, its a toe-tapping goody that won’t melt in your stocking like a bag of chocolate coins.

Josh:  The Beach Boys – Santa’s Beard

The Beach Boys are America’s band and modern day Christmas really is America’s holiday, so it’s no surprise that The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album is so good, with great Christmas classics like Little Saint Nick (which is about his sled, not Santa himself), Merry Christmas Baby, The Man With All the Toys (which would have been another great choice), and Santa’s Beard, the story of a boy who goes to meet a department store Santa only to find to his horror that it is NOT the real Santa, only to be lied to and told that he’s helping the real Santa.  Nice cover!  Merry Christmas!


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