Mark Hamill Appalled He Won’t be Getting Oscar for Force Awakens

We agree!


Everywhere you look, people continue to bash the Oscars for their lack of diversity this year. While racial tensions remain high, there is one issue that no one seems to be addressing. No one except for Mark Hamill that is.

“I don’t understand how it happened. If my performance in Episode VII didn’t get me an award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, then what did it get me?” Hamill commented when he stopped by the Spider Crimes office. “People keep saying, Mark you were only in the movie for like 90 seconds. And I keep saying, ‘Exactly!’”

Hamill claims that moviegoers today fail to appreciate his ability to tell a story with only his eyes. Additionally, he mentioned that The Martian could have benefited from this type of ocular communication. “All I’m saying is why did Matt Damon even speak? Completely unnecessary if you ask me. He’s a total…

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